Operating environmentOracle JRE or JDK 1.8 or later (64-bit only)

Minimum Hardware Requirement

CPUMulti-core (2 core or more)
Memory8GB or more
DiskSSD recommended (The size depends on the data amount and index schema design, etc)

SLA (Service Level Agreement)

Support Reception HoursMonday – Friday 9:00-17:00
Turnaround time (initial response)Within 6 business hours(*1
Communication MethodEmail to the support email address or via phone.
Number of IncidentsSolr: 12 incidents per year  ManifoldCF: 6 incidents per year additional option contract
Number of people who can contact(Up to) 2 people(*2
Supported versionWithin 2 years of the release date
Unit5 Solr instances

Subscription Agreement (click here to confirm) *1: The initial response has an answer to your question and, depending on your question, status reports including “Your Question Received”, “Confirmation of Your Question in Detail”, “Reproduction of the Phenomenon in Progress”, “Reproduction of the Phenomenon Completed”. *2: We will decide the scope of an incident based on the 4 hours or less of investigation time as one. *3: We will ask the registered engineers who will be contacting us with questions to take “Solr Basics” and “Solr Advanced” provided by RONDHUIT in advance. *4: The supported area includes: Support on product usage, support on product compatibility/operability, support on interpretation of documents, support on malfunction (software code investigation) *5: The following items are handled by our consulting service: Installation consulting (system building), planing, application development, customization and debugging, analysis of problem occurred in your unique environment that include software by other venders, document analysis problem caused not by product packages or included products, sample code development requested by customer, performance analysis and tuning, preparation of Japanese manual (including translation), and provision of various information lists that do not directly affect your problem.