Message from CEO

Seeking to Provide Higher Quality Search Experience to Every User

It has now become habit to perform searches on a personal computer or a smartphone when we want to find out something. We might even go so far as to say that the time has come where we cannot get what we want without performing a search. That is, realizing higher quality search also leads to higher standard of living itself. For enterprises that leverage search – namely the ones providing internet shopping and database – as their business tool, a higher quality search engine may separate success from failure in their business.

RONDHUIT is an information retrieval specialist that provides stable package subscription, installation consulting, and educational service for Apache Lucene/Solr open source search engine to give every user a feel for higher quality search experience. Being adapted by such cutting edge technologies as IBM WebSphere Commerce and SAP Hybris, Apache Lucene/Solr has been attracting attention as a search engine with high functionality and flexibility. On the other hand, you may also face various barriers installing the software because of its open source nature. We have been providing best practices of Apache Lucene/Solr to many of our clients and assisting its spread at the same time.

I came across Apache Lucene back in 2004. I was attracted by the fact that it’s being an open source search engine that a particular enterprise developed not for its profit, and have been giving bug reports and improvement proposals to Lucene and Solr project – subsequently contributed to Apache – through Apache community. The project management committee recognized my activities and welcomed me in as one of its committers in 2008 as the first Asian to be named so to participate in the Apache Lucene/Solr development. The total number of committers increased from 20 at that time to approximately 50 nowadays resulting in ever-faster development time and release cycles.

RONDHUIT is a company found in 2006 to take advantage of knowledge that I myself nurtured through these activities and pipelines with projects in order to provide a higher quality search engine. We believe in the philosophy that an open source search engine will broaden the future of IT usage. We have been maintaining the business model idea that engineers – ones who develop software, ones who test it, ones who fix bugs, ones who handle settings, and ones who provide knowledge and know-hows – should play a central role in corporate activities and we should be chosen by customers according to our technical capabilities and knowledge. Recently, we have developed one-of-a-kind technology and incorporated natural language processing as well as machine learning technologies to continue further expanding the technology field.

Our greatest strength is the ability to utilize the close-knit communication with Apache community to adopt good part of technology tide to Japan and to deliver excellent technologies developed in Japan out to the world. Putting ourselves in the center of global technical innovation, we will continue creating solution that match language characteristics of Japanese and its national character.


Head Office
5F Tokyo Royal Plaza
1-18-1 Uchikanda, Chiyoda-ku, Chiyoda-ku
Tokyo, Japan 101-0047
TEL: +81-3-6205-7227
FAX: +81-3-6205-7228
May 2, 2006
Company Representative
Koji Sekiguchi, President (Koji Sekiguchi’s Lucene blog)
Line of Business
  • Installation consulting/support service on enterprise search engines that utilize Lucene/Solr
  • Implementation of installation education course, training, and seminar on Lucene/Solr
Origin of Name
RONDHUIT (Ron Wit) is from the name of street that is close to the place the president Koji Sekiguchi lives. The street is called Maru Hachi where the both “Maru” and “Hachi” are supposed to bring you good fortune in Japan. These words combined in French – ROND for Maru and HUIT for Hachi – should bring you fortune as well.