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[The revised third edition] Introduction to Apache Solr ~ Open source full-text search engine
Co-authored by Tomoko Uchida, Minoru Osuka, Naoya Osugi, Issei Nishigata (RONDHUIT), Junpei Nishimoto, Kazuaki Hiraga
Supervised by RONDHUIT and Recruit Technologies
Released on May 2017
Listed price: 3,800 yen

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[newly revised] Introduction to Apache Solr ~ Open source full-text search engine
Co-authored by Jun Ohtani, Shinichiro Abe (RONDHUIT), Minoru Osuka, Tarou Kitano, Noritsugu Suzuki, and Kazuaki Hiraga
Supervised by Recruit Technologies and RONDHUIT.
Released on November 25, 2013.
Listed price: 3,780 yen

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日経Linux 2013年9月号
Nikkei Linux September 2013 edition
Ask OSS Developers: The Current Circumstances of Community Activities
An interview with Koji Sekiguchi, the president of RONDHUIT.
Lucene and Solr: The Definitive Guide
Co-authored by Jason Rutherglen, Ryan Tabora, and Jack Krupansky/300 pages.
Publisher: O’Reilly Media / Released: May 2013 (est.) / Pre-Order Print: $39.99
Automatic acquisition of synonym knowledge using Lucene index (Contribution)
Introduction to Apache Solr
Co-authored by Jun Ohtani (Seamark), Yasuo Sambe (NTT Data), Koji Sekiguchi (RONDHUIT), Kouhei Takeda (NTT data), Takeshi Nakano (Recruit) (In the Japanese kana order)
Supervised by RONDHUIT.
Released in February, 2013
Listed price: 3,780 yen (3,600 yen w/o tax)

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Lucene in Action, Second Edition
Co-authored by Erik Hatcher, Otis Gospodneti, and Michael McCandless/475 pages
ISBN 1933988177 / MEAP Began: May 2008 / Softbound print: March 2010 (est.) MEAP + Ebook only – $27.50
MEAP + Print book (includes Ebook) when available – $44.99
About FastVectorHighlighter (Contribution)
Introduction to Apache Lucene
Building Java Open Source Full-text Search System

Authored by Koji Sekiguchi/352 pages
ISBN4-7741-2780-9/Released on May 17, 2006
Listed price: 3,360 yen (3,200 yen w/o tax)
Popular and read by a number of engineers of domestic and international search engine vendors and morphological analysis engine vendors.

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Web Articles

[ThinkIT]Full-text Search System by JBoss EAP+Lucene

1: What is OSS Search Engine Lucene?
» http://www.thinkit.co.jp/free/article/0710/17/1/index.html
2: Let’s Try Search Programs
» http://www.thinkit.co.jp/free/article/0710/17/2/

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[ThinkIT]Building Full-text Search System Using Hibernate Search

First Article: What is Hibernate Search?
» http://www.thinkit.co.jp/free/article/0711/7/1/index.html
Second Article: Let’s Create a Sample to Test Full-text Search Function!
» http://www.thinkit.co.jp/free/article/0711/7/2/

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